Desert Festival – Maru Mahotsav

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer (Maeru Mahotsav):Take a relief and be a part of the auspicious Desert Festival of Jaisalmer The Festival is celebrated amidst the beautiful dunes of the Thar Desert in the Sam dunes(42km from Jaisalmer).A 3-day traditional festival of Jaisalmer organized by Rajasthan Tourism Department. Every year this festival is organized in the month of February. To enjoy the different colors of Rajasthan visit the city of Jaisalmer by Railway, you can avail the venue by auto-rickshaw ,taxis from railway station. If you are travelling by Air, you have to land in Jodhpur, the nearest city of Jaisalmer by Taxi, Bus.

Historical Background of Desert Festival

The Desert festival has historical Background, a folklore, in which Lord Krishna informs Arjuna, very soon a kingdom will be built on the Trikuta hill by successor of Yadav Community. This prediction came true, when the descendant of Yadav Dynasty, Rawal Jaiswal was successfully able to establish his kingdom in Jaisalmer. A grand celebration was organized to honor Lord Krishna. This Celebration took the form of annual Occasion of Desert Festival.


The events commence in the morning from Jaisalmer Fort to the Shahid Poonam singh Stadium. Which involves various events in it including the local elements and Heritage like:

1)Folk Dance and Music by professional artists.

2)Fire and Gair Dancer(these dancers are the major source of attraction).

3)Camel race.

4)Longest Moustache Competition.

5)Turban Tying.

6)Mr. Desert Contest.

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