The Best Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer

A lot of sunshine and an unending sleek stretch of sand is what makes the desert of Jaisalmer a perfect attract for travel enthusiasts. And what higher thanks to fancy sweetness than a desert safari in Jaisalmer – the golden town. From strolling the sand dunes to enjoying the sight of historically adorned camels, there are several things to try to in Jaisalmer that creates it as a perfect place to be enclosed at the side of Sam Sand Dunes desert safari camp

Ride on the Ship of the Desert

Vibrant nights create the center and soul of desert camp in Jaisalmer. whereby you throb to the tune of native music and cherish the glory of the moments. These nights area unit epitomized by folk dance, ancient music, and also the grand Rajasthani Thali – from the best Luxury camp in Jaisalmer

Comprising all major attractions within the desert, the camel safari in Jaisalmer is the must experience activity as you propose for a desert safari within the dunes of the ‘golden city’. Sit on the rear of a camel holding on to its hump because it takes you on a jarring ride across the Thar.

The ride will take you to the remote areas of the desert and present you with the simplest of flora and fauna. Also, you encounter varied settlements wherever the autochthonic residents of the place live. Explore the wide wealth of the desert and revel in the picturesque sunset, that makes it sure that camel safari is the best desert expedition in Jaisalmer.

If you’re ready, start a brief camel safari in Jaisalmer and explore the attractive dunes along with the best camp in Jaisalmer the Sam Sand Desert Safari camp. before the ride, be ready to see one in all the foremost stunning sunsets behind the dunes. Head to the camp before evening, and acquire a grand ancient welcome with aarti-tika and dhols. fancy the welcome drink at the side of the Rajasthani folk dance and music at your most popular desert safari camp in Jaisalmer.

Jeep Safari to reach the unreachable place

The most widespread activity once camel safari in Jaisalmer, Jeep safari takes you across the unknown fantastic thing about the Thar Desert with abundant ease and luxury. Jeeps, as compared to camels area unit swift and work a fun ride on the sand dunes. The very fact that Jeep safari is that the most well-liked activity amid most of the tourists headed for a desert safari camp in Jaisalmer, speaks a great deal concerning it.

Delightment to Your Ears

Musical evenings are like the heart and soul of desert camps in Jaisalmer. once you’ve got to spend a fascinating day fighting dirt and sand across the Thar, it’s time to rejoice yourself with some refreshing dance moves and popular music in an exceedingly relaxed setting. Rajasthan contains a history of emotional and animating music, that causes you to faucet your feet to its tune.

The night additional intensifies with the passage of your time and it marks the arrival of Rajasthani Mujra wherever dancers win it all with their sharp dance steps. The events are lined up by bike so that the proceedings hold the spectators affixed to their seats. The proceedings at the best desert safari camp in Jaisalmer is summed up with a lavish dinner in ancient Rajasthani vogue. Arabian night dances are thought of jointly of the key allures of Jaisalmer musical nights.

A Simple Tent

African themes based tent house that consists of two connected rooms and a standard lobby that makes it seem like a family suite. The tent additionally has the groundwork of Golden Jaisalmer Stone. The lavatory contains hot associated cold running shower and also the whole structure creates an imperial look once viewed from within. The veranda provides a read of all the events and also the whole resort. This location is best to look at the sunrise from the land of the deluxe tent in Jaisalmer.

Luxury Palace

These house tents area unit one in all the simplest quite tents to be seen the ground is created of Golden Jaisalmer Stone that provides a splendid look thereto and also the concrete structure provides strength to the tents. At the side of the AC rooms, a baby pool is provided within every house. picket handwoven article of furniture with separated lobby and toilet with hot and cold running shower leaves you in complete astonishment. There’s varied interior in several rooms of the house that makes it look even additional engaging. The red of the setting sun provides you a way of tranquility.

Royal Swiss Luxurious Tent, brings home charm and excitement of desert life at your step by the luxury desert tent by Sam Sand Dunes tent in Jaisalmer. it’s equipped with roll-up windows and an ethnic handcrafted article of furniture. Thick mattresses below your feet and also the lavish canvas made up of weatherproof cotton within the desert provides you pleasure. The non-public rooms and shower with all the desired delicacies serve the simplest of experiences.

Who would have dreamt in such a massive sand oasis a castle warrant associate ancient throne, such associate art in carved work of stone? it’s like straight out of the Arabian Nights fable. Jaisalmer paints a true image of Arabian Nights. returning straight from your Arabian Night imagination, Jaisalmer could be a jewel of the desert state and is dotted with forts, Havelis, and palaces. Jaisalmer seems to be straight out of the pages of the Arabian Nights – standing within the heart of the Thar Desert with its limitless expanse of sand, and you’ll see medieval homes and fortifications designed of yellow rock extended out all around you. And you’ll marvel if Aladdin was real. the simplest time to require a tour to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is October-March. The name Jaisalmer induces a dramatic image of utter magic and brilliance of the desert. The hostile parcel of land, all the same, the heat and color of individuals is solely overwhelming.